Our involvement with the ICT sector has been broad and global. For example we have had engagements with more than 150 high tech companies in Finland from the following specific disciplines: wireless and mobile technologies, intelligent systems and software ,  ubiquitous computing , radio technologies,  testing and validation ,  engineering design and other service organizations to mention a few.

We assist companies and universities in converting their research into new businesses and stimulate innovation within these organizations. We also research new business opportunities and partnerships. Our goal is to attract new biotech businesses and facilitate financing for the companies/projects in selected regional areas. In addition we promote the networking of biotech industry executive’s globally.

Regional Development Agencies
Global Connexus works with RDAs to support regional development goals through focusing on the specific regional priorities that drive economic growth. Together we support the design and implementation of business development and competitiveness by encouraging public and private investment, and by connecting people to economic opportunity. We also provide education both for large groups and individual companies and host delegations to visit and network into the North American markets. For example for Finland we have provided many programs over the last ten years such as Global Software and Global Clusters.

We do all we can to enhance the region’s environment and infrastructure.

Clean Tech
Industry in every corner of the globe is under pressure to reduce its VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions. Top research of clean air includes exhaust gas catalysis and catalytic oxidation of VOC. World leading catalytic VOC incinerators and catalytic converters are of particular interest along with water and air purification systems, and alternative energy. We have proven that our methods and processes work with a broad spectrum of clean tech initiatives and our efforts are to assist clean tech start ups to commercialize these leading edge technologies.