Global Connexus has created a new and powerful process “CONNEXUS LIVE”   to work with you remotely to provide  Market Strategy Development, Market Penetration Research, Business Plan Development and Appointment Setting  for potential customers, partners or funding sources in North American Markets.

In order for even some of the smallest companies to compete effectively and grow, they must have the ability to develop a suitable marketing and sales strategy to meet the specific needs of their markets. Global Connexus and its partners can assist you with identifying new markets, developing your strategies and planning implementations in a timely, cost effective manner.

This new process will consist of weekly joint live teleconferences with you one on one. This careful, detailed discovery process often leads to many positive surprises and new ideas that allow the management team to focus on a new strategy with a high degree of confidence in its implementation success. In parallel to these teleconferences we will be doing the needed fact finding and market research to validate the plans being developed.

Market Strategy Development and Market Penetration Research
Global Connexus has partnered with Chasm Institute LLC to jointly provide virtual workshops and active research on a weekly basis to assist you in formulating your marketing strategy, providing market research and to working together to spontaneously discover new opportunities for your company.

Using Chasm Institute’s methodology and templates the market development strategy will cover:

  • Overview of program, review of game plan, technology adoption life cycle overview
  • Strategy framework issues – category  analysis, life cycle placement, discontinuity analysis, type of market development strategy
  • Target customer – brainstorming of potential segments
  • Target customer – scenario creation
  • Target customer – scenario analysis and selection
  • Compelling reason to buy
  • Whole product
  • Partners & allies
  • Distribution
  • Pricing
  • Competition
  • Positioning
  • Next target segment
  • Strategy summary

In parallel with the strategy development sessions Global Connexus experts will do the required Market Penetration Research which will crystallize a mutual understanding of the technology, the solution, the market development strategy and the concrete targets for maximizing your success in global markets.  The objectives of the market research are to:

  • Confirm the potential market size, trends, current solutions, competitors and competing business models
  • Identify the strengths / weaknesses of the competing solutions used at the present
  • Provide feedback regarding the needed product features and market adaptation requirements- price/service fee indication as well as profit indication
  • Provide a preliminary assessment and general market validation of the technology to include potential technological barriers, pricing and identification of potential beta sites
  • Preliminary discussions on go to market scenarios for the selected niches

Business Plan Development
Once the market research and market development strategy is completed we can continue with Connexus Live to assist you in developing a business plan and further validating your strategies by setting appointments with potential customers, partners or funding sources.

The business plan development will continue from the work done in the first set of sessions and we will work with you to develop the following major required components of a business plan:

  • Business strategy
  • Product definition
  • Target customer
  • Marketing plan and messaging
  • Product costs, margins, roadmap
  • Sales strategy and distribution models
  • Business plan / business model (3-5 years)
  • Equity / Stock Options

Appointment Setting
In parallel to the business plan development, or separately, Global Connexus will plan with you a trip to the North American markets and pre-set appointments.  We will generate a prospect list that will then be evaluated with your management team for final approval. A Global Connexus member will act on your behalf and arrange meetings with the prospect for your management team. The main objective of this stage is to provide customer validation by collecting feedback, user requirements and customer interest from one or more actual or potential end-users.