Victor-1009Victor Vurpillat has the visionary outlook and management experience from launching and growing many successful companies, including Telerate, Novell and Compucom. Victor has played a key role in generating more the $10,000,000,000 in stock market valuation in the technology sector. Being in the heart of Silicon Valley, he has developed and continues to maintain numerous contacts with high tech venture capital individuals and institutions. He holds a degree in Mathematics from California Polytechnic University, an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, and a Ph.D. in Human Behavior from Newport University.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Vurpillat has developed three strong capabilities that help to bring a sustainable competitive advantage to his clients:

  • The ability to match the technology to the market, and position companies for major growth.
  • The ability to maximize the use of early stage funding and minimize the risk of investment loss.
  • The ability to recognize new opportunities in the pursuit of the original goal, and the ability to rally the stakeholder community to the most successful outcome.

Dr. Vurpillat is the author of three books: Principals of Inertial Navigation, Conversations with the Future (later made into a Documentary), and Launching your Software Business in America, written at the request of the Government of Finland. He is also a member of Mensa and the World Future Society.